In today's world there is an app for almost everything. No surprise that also for your home or professional lighting needs there are many handy applications that make you project so much easier. Here are our favorites!

LightMeter (Whitegoods) - Measure the light on any place. Simply point the camera and the app will tell you not only how lux or Klux (lighting in a certain direction) there is but also for what purpose is it suitable for. (tasks, lounge, ...). So no more guessing, just point, click and know where you are at.

Lightsmart (UL) - How would my room look with a higher or lower color temperature? How will it look with more or less light? The Lightsmart app from UL has the features ready to answer your question! Simple take a picture of the space and start exploring.How much money do I save by switching from incandescent to CFLI or LED bulbs? Again, just enter how many you can exchange and it tells you. Simple, fast and easy. Great app!

Best lighting (Architonic) - A huge selection of pictures and information of the world's best design lighting fixtures. Nicely sorted per category or manufacturer with easy catalog request or contact information access. Saves hours of surfing and start selecting in a second.

Are we missing any good app about lighting or design? Are you using any of the above and would like to share your experiences? Feel free to comment or suggest below or on our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter page. 

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