Sputnik chandeliers



When the Sputnik was launched in 1957, nobody could have foreseen its influence on the "Atomic Age" of design through the 1960s. This fashion trend is now called the “Sputnik Lamp”, which usually consists of a metallic sphere with bars bursting out in multiple directions holding light bulbs or lamp globes at the ends. Most have 8 to 15 bars compared to the 4 antennas on Sputnik 1. This fixture has become a favorite for designers in many applications.

It was Dutchman Paul De Haan who designed the sputnik lamp originally but today there are a ton of repros out there to choose from at affordable prices. 

The classic setting for a Sputnik light is in a mid-century modern room but it works in the most modern and minimalist of rooms as well. It adds just the right amount of frill without being frilly and it can be mixed with any other classic design pieces from any era.

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