Choosing the correct size lamp for your room is critical to the look and feel of it. Here are some handy guidelines to help you select the correct size depending on if it hangs over a table or not. 

A hanging lamp over an elevated surface (f.e. Table)

Use this rule of thumb: Choose a chandelier or pendant whose width is at least half the smallest diameter of your elevated surface or table. It should not be larger than the smallest diameter of your table minus 12".

Bear in mind that heavy or bulky chandeliers can be on the smaller side whereas light and airy chandeliers should be on the larger size. Over-sizing adds grandeur to the area but we recommend not to take it too far!       

Hang a chandelier 30" to 36" from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier; for ceilings more than eight feet high, raise the chandelier 3" for each additional foot of ceiling height.      



A hanging centerpiece fixture over the floor

A chandelier or pendant that hangs in the center of a room must be sized in proportion to space itself. Simply measure the diagonal of the space (corner to corner) and the chandelier width should be more or less in inches what the diagonal distance of the room is in feet. Easy, no?

Example: a room measures 24 feet on the diagonal then the chandelier should measure approximately 24" in width.

Also here, bear in mind that heavy or bulky chandeliers can be on the smaller side whereas light and airy chandeliers should be on the larger side.

Oh, and one last note, high ceilings ask for bigger fixtures.

So what about height? Hang chandeliers or pendants with the bottom at least 6" higher than the door height. If the door has a window over it, center the light in the window. Also, do not hang wall sconces above a mirror and place them about 60" above the floor to put them on eye level.


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Hopefully, these easy tips will get you on your way to choose and install the perfect hanging lamp. Was it a success or failure in your project? Share your comments, experiences, questions or feedback below or on our Facebook, or Twitter page. Or go visual, take a picture, load it to Houzz or Pinterest and share it with us!


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