Below you will find a lot of in-depth information about sputnik chandelier, the history, and the different types available. If you have, however, only a few minutes to spare. Below are our four key recommendations we think you need to keep in mind when considering a Sputnik chandelier: 

  1. Use a dimmer. Sputnik chandeliers have many light bulbs so they tend to emit a lot of light so use a dimmer.
  2. Keep the rest of the lights in the space sober. Sputnik chandeliers already have a lot going on and are centerpieces that draw the attention. Adding more decorative lights nearby will blurry the effect and create an overcrowded feel. Add only some downlights if needed and maybe a single color drum shade table lamps/floor lamps but keep it minimal.
  3. Make sure your ceiling is tall enough. We recommend a 10' tall ceiling as you do not want a sputnik chandelier hanging too close to the ceiling.
  4. Mid-century decorated interiors are the natural habitat of these lamps, but they also fit in modern and even industrial style spaces. Just realize that the lamp will attract a lot of focus so make sure it does not get buried between many other decorative highlights in a room.
  5. The bulbs used are often silver-tipped which are harder to find in case they break down. If you are looking for replacement bulbs, click this link. If you want a energy-saving LED version of the same bulb, check out our LED replacement bulbs available in a six-pack here (link).


The History of Sputnik Chandeliers

In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s very first man-made object to orbit the earth. The satellite was about the size of a beach ball, had whisker style long antennas extending from one half and each of its 1440 elliptical orbits around the Earth took about 98 minutes. Its launch pronounced the start of the Space era, led directly to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and kicked off a worldwide enchantment with space travel. It additionally influenced a design aesthetic based on these rocket-propelled devices, which introduced brand new shapes to furniture, lighting and other domestic objects

Designers such as Saporetti began producing lighting broadly based on the Satellite and numerous other designers followed suit. The extraordinary chandeliers at the Met (Lincoln Centre) in New York in the ’60s are an ideal example of how these chandeliers developed and became more and more ornate with iconic pieces, including the Sputnik chandelier, revealing that this style has staying power in stylish households. From the Satellite Chandelier shown here to the vintage ones you might spy at an antique store, these chandeliers' unique shape has made them a standout piece in homes.

The mid-century modern time period is also called ‘the atomic age’. Space adventures and technological innovations inspired many famous designers to create objects to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the period. So many of those pieces became icons of mid-century modern design which we still celebrate today.

And the one piece of furniture in particular that ended up being able to set itself apart, creating a completely new category on its own was the Sputnik chandelier.

We are huge fans of the Sputnik chandelier, and so should you be


Here at Lumigado Lighting, we are big lovers of Sputniks, which is why in this particular article we will reveal you a range which we liked in particular. We hope your living spaces might need a change when it comes to the lighting. And we have actually some good news for you. Sputnik chandeliers are totally in fashion right now, and you can get the best living room decor if you trust us, and take some of our expert guidance. Vintage or modern, you can find sputnik chandeliers for all tastes.

 This kind of suspended lighting may seem too much for you, but believe us when we inform you that this style of lighting can change a simple area into a good looking and iconic interior. And we will certainly confirm that to you in this very article.

Vintage or contemporary, you can find sputnik chandeliers for all your tastes.

Since Lumigado Lighting wants to be all lighting junkies best friend, we looked for some of the greatest interior looks using sputnik chandeliers. This kind of suspended lighting may at first look over the top but they can, by themselves, turn a simple space into an art piece. And that is exactly what we are after good looking and iconic interior spaces!


Check out our collection of Sputnik lights here

The Sputnik Chandelier is an iconic piece of design that did not really go out of style.  It looks like a stunning fireworks display or an exploding star.  The much-loved and written about Sputnik Chandelier has recently relished a big resurgence in interior design popularity and for good reason… It’s a true classic!

Below you will find several applications and variations of sputnik pendant. 

 Crystal Sputnik Chandelier

This incredible bedroom highlights an ornate ceiling decoration highlighting a crystal sputnik chandelier over a bed with a golden canopy frame. The bed itself has a white upholstered headboard and footboard and brown and white bedding. The bedding is sumptuously covered with a brown faux fur decorative throw.


White Bulbous Sputnik Chandelier


This Sputnik chandelier matches the white Tulip-inspired table and Mid Century Modern chairs. Love how all of the neutral colors and organic shapes engage with each other.


Large Sputnik Chandelier

This chandelier really makes a statement even in this penthouse styled property. This Sputnik chandelier would also suit any large and airy room, especially one with high a ceiling such as in the above photo.


Small decorative Sputnik pendant



This Sputnik delicate lamp shows that the Sputnik design can be small and delicately decorative with this almost Christmas lights inspired pendant. It would look simply gorgeous in a more compact space, or have two or more above a dining table.


Two-tiered Sputnik chandelier


 Two-tiered Sputnik hanging chandelier This would fantastic in a home office, hobby room, or even a child's playroom.


Zanadoo brass Sputnik chandelier


This amazing looking chandelier is a Zanadoo brass sputnik chandelier. This one really makes a statement and due to the deep bold brass color should be used carefully. Probably best suited in a room with contrasting colors. Would possibly be perfect above a contemporary light colored dining table - not wood finish though.


Fun with bulbs



Don’t forget to have some fun with Sputnik chandeliers by trialing different color bulbs. We love this retro brass Sputnik chandelier with green bulbs – this would look fantastic in a nursery, child’s room, playroom or even a hallway.


A collection of smaller twinkling Sputnik lights for any surface


As you can see from the above photo Sputnik chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and even compliment wall hanging styles and desk lamp style lights.


 The everlasting attraction with the Sputnik chandelier, that iconic appealing symbol of the sixties Space Race, may perhaps best be summarized in its power to communicate the past, present, and future in one thrilling presentation. For the Sputnik, essentially a catch-all name assigned to a light fixture with radiating, star burst-like components - has the uncanny talent for strongly evoking a bygone period, while looking totally contemporary and yet, in some way, magically futuristic. No wonder, then, we do not get bored of looking at Sputniks. And it's also no wonder, once we catch a glimpse, we cannot turn away.

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