Feb 19, 2014

How Modern Light Bulbs Work - A quick video

Wondering what the difference is between incandescent light bulbs, halogen lighting, fluorescent tubes, high intensity discharge lamps or LED lighting. MinutePhysics has made a three minute easy to follow video that will make it all clear.
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Oct 30, 2013

Your guide to the perfect interior lighting

The best light there is, is natural light. However with the winter in sight and daytime light shrinking, we more and more depend on artificial lighting to light up our living spaces and make our homes sparkle in the dark. If you considering new light fixtures for your house, here are few hints to help you choose the right luminaire.
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Apr 11, 2013

What are LED lights? Benefits explained the easy way.

There is a new star in the lighting world; L.E.D. ! Well, 'new' isn't exactly the right word as the first LED was invented over 50 years ago but it must been said that today the light source is hotter than ever. But exactly what are LED lights and why are they so beneficial versus incandescent or fluorescent lighting? Read on and you shall find out!
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