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Calculate how much light you need. October 30 2013, 0 Comments

Ever had the feeling that you had too little or too much light in your house in the evening? Stop guessing, simply complete the calculation table below and measure how much light you need.


How big is the area?    

Width    (A)       


Length (B)    


Surface (A)x(B)


What is the purpose of the area?

LED or CFLI lighting

Total Lumen needed

(C) x (D)

Incandescent lighting

Total Watt needed

(C) x (E)

Relax, Watch TV, Talk

Lumen per Sq ft (D)



Watt per Sq ft (E)



    Have dinner, dress up

    Lumen per Sq ft (D)



    Watt per Sq ft (E)



    Cook, Work, Read,

    Lumen per Sq ft (D)



    Watt per Sq ft (E)



      Simple add up the wattage or lumen of the light bulbs in the space to see if you meet the total light needed