Are you a designer, decorator, architect, property manager, contractor or electrician and/or professionally working with lighting? Lumigado offers a wide range of special benefits to support you. Listed below is how we can help you and your business. Best of all, no commitment is needed. You decide.  

Also non-profit, charity, schools or universities can count on our support.



Never pay full price. If you are looking for a special product or need a quote on a volume purchase, our Quote Desk can help with value-engineering expertise to source lighting pieces, check availability and help keep your project within budget and on schedule.

Contact our quote desk:


phone: (248) 631-4090


Quote desk phone service 

Discount coupon for you and your clients

Give a little extra to your clients. As a trade professional you receive a unique discount code that you can give to your clients, friends, family or contacts.  


Calculate your savings discount 

Yearly Rebate

The more you and your network buys, the more you earn. On top of special pricing and discounts, you will receive a refund at the end of every year on all your purchases plus everything that was bought with your personal discount code.


 Yearly rebate lighting program

Professionals locator

We will add you to our professionals locator and have our clients that are in need of your services find you. It's free and no strings are attached. 




Whether you have a design dilemma, technical questions or are in need of a customization. We are ready to help you.
Contact us by phone on (248) 631-4090 or email



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