Contemporary lighting for your home limited only by your Imagination !

At Lumigado, we believe that lighting, in and around your home, is not only functional but a part of your house, a part of your home.
We understand that you are proud about your decor style, your house and therefore, your lighting. We genuinely believe that great
lighting should represent the uniqueness in You! Our mission is to help you to choose the perfect lighting for your home(s). 

Through our international network of specialists, designers and manufacturers we always aim at staying at the forefront of new trends
and innovation in interior and exterior lighting so you always know your getting the most modern, contemporary and cutting edge fixtures. 
Lumigado believes that every person is unique and has a unique style. After evaluating the abundance of lighting solutions available to
our customers, we have decided to specialize in the contemporary style - it's fresh, it's current and it's classy.
However, If you're not quite sure about what lamps would look great in your space, we are more then happy to offer suggestions while
taking into account your style and budget. Just mail us at or send us your questions at

Your Style, Your Lights

Best regards,

The Lumigado team


Remodeling and Home Design

Lumigado in the Press/Media:

NEW FACE OF AMERICAN DESIGN: HOW TO SELL EUROPEAN & AMERICAN STYLE - featuring our CEO SAM (Enlightenment Magazine, Jan 6, 2014)