Lampshades come in many different sizes, materials, prints, shapes, and colors that might even seem overwhelming when choosing one. Therefore, let us help you with some simple hints to narrow the list down a little bit.

First and Foremost: think size!

Although there aren't hard rules about the size of the shades, a wrong choice will most likely ruin the view completely. So bear in mind the following;
The height of your lampshade should always be taller than the width of the lamp base and it should also be wider. In some cases when lamps have larger bases or spherical bases, the lampshade's width can be the same just as long as the lamp doesn't all look like one piece. Next, make sure your lampshade height is tall enough so that the light bulb isn't visible from any angle.

Zuo modern table lamp

Then, think shape!

Today, drum shades are the trend. It means the bottom and top of the shade will be the same size. Shades with a slight taper are still very common, but the old style of a tapered/bell and pleated shades is a no-no these days. If used, then they are oversized and dramatic, but you might want to think twice before taking the gamble. Drum shades or slightly tapered shades give a chic, minimalist appearance to your lamps. This allows the base to be the focus, and means they don't clash with other styles that you might be using in your home.
Try square shades that can set off an organic curvy shaped base quite nicely and be the perfect compliment to that geometric base that can give you so much trouble.

Zuo modern blazard floor lamp


Last but not least: Color!

It used to be that lampshades were always in the neutral cream tones but fortunately these days people are having a lot more fun playing with creative colors for their lampshades. And do not forget, changing lampshades is such an affordable way to change your room's look. 

While the neutrals still work, consider using a grey instead of a cream color. Don't be afraid of black lampshades or chocolate browns. They create a more noticeable effect, as long as they aren’t the only lamps in the room. Keep in mind, being noticed is a good thing! There are many shades and colors outside the traditional neutrals that are great compliments. And why no bold colors? Yellow can bring warmth and blue can have a relaxing effect or go for a screaming focal point with red. They are great tools to bring contrast to a room and make it come alive.

Rowan Chase pendant        Zuo modern Twisty floor lamp

And now it is your turn, share us your greatest lamps purchases and why do you buy them. Or maybe tell us about the biggest design miss you ever made. Comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter page or, even better, take a picture and load it to Houzz or Pinterest and share it with us!

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