The Babylon ceiling light is an indoor lighting fixture, garden planter and impressive work of art.


Babylon light by Ryan Taylor

Toronto based industrial artist/designer Ryan Taylor’s created the innovative, plantable Babylon light, a lighting fixture with a clean, contemporary design made even more unique because it's also a planter. This futuristic looking, exceptionally designed light will instantly become a conversation piece in your home or office.

The Babylon light will add beauty to any living space, becoming your very own unique hanging garden and mood setting lighting concept, bringing life to any room you place it in. You can plant a variety of greenery in the Babylon including ferns, succulents, and spices like thyme, rosemary, basil and even tomatoes. Taylor suggests using moss as well to help retain moisture and also reduce the water weight as well as using lighter weight, petite plants with similar water requirements.

Following the plant suggestions mentioned above will ensure that your hanging, light garden will always be aesthetically pleasing, and in any room you decide to hang it in. In the kitchen it can be an eye catching herb garden, where you can pick a bit of fresh spices to add to your dishes or it can be used as a beautiful accent in a living room or bedroom with a contemporary flair.

About the Artist
Ryan Taylor founded the Object Interface (O\I) artist's boutique in Toronto, Canada in 2013. Referred to as a multidisciplinary design studio, O\I caters to interactive, graphics and branding, with an eye for designing and processing imaginative products for daily use. The goal of Taylor's O/I is to create memorable user experiences through varied, thoughtfully designed objects and user interfaces. With his more than 13 years of experience in the design industry, Taylor’s Object Interface is ever evolving and the people who have become devotees to his art are appreciative of the exceptional pieces that come out of his passion.


Ryan Taylor from object/interface

logo object interface

More About the Babylon Hanging Garden Light
The Babylon is artistically crafted out of a tough powder coated aluminum finish which makes it possible for it to endure the moisture of the plants, meaning it's corrosion resistant. In addition, the electrical portion is sealed off, protecting from the water, ensuring the safety of the user. Depending on the bulb used, higher voltages could make the aluminum light shade a bit warm and cause the soil to dry out faster than normal but it won't be enough to harm the planting's roots. You don't need to, but Taylor has noted that you can use LED or CFL light bulbs as well and they' emit a lot less heat than traditional, incandescent bulbs.

1. The singular Babylon lights are available $490.00 and makes the perfect organic herb garden for the kitchen or add a spot of beautiful greenery to any corner of a room.

Babylon light by Ryan Taylor with toys

2. The three light cluster Babylon light makes it possible to create a gorgeous cascading, hanging garden. Priced at $1,350 CAN, these Babylon lights hang from a large canopy and need to be positioned at varying heights to pull off the cascading garden look.


Three light babylon cluser lights by ryan taylor of object interface

Either Babylon option is guaranteed to add a magnificent, artistic touch to your home or office.


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