Over the years, more and more people are looking for homes with a kitchen island as opposed to the traditional stand alone kitchen room. This popularity can be attributed to the social aspects attached to kitchen islands; dinning and kitchen are combined into one creating the ideal meeting point for family and friends. It also provides a large work area and have numerous storage space. However, for a kitchen island to fully work for you, it must have the right design and proper lighting. Using pendant lights for your kitchen Island will make a style statement that will have your friends green with envy. The right control of these pendants lights transform your kitchen to the most ideal mood for you; whether a romantic evening or a dinner party with friends. Here is a top five selection of kitchen island pendants found at lumigado lighting:


Kinetic pendants


Kinetic pendant by Zuo ModernKitchen island with Kinetic pendant by Zuo Modern


This is a globe pendant with a classic design that will give your kitchen island an attractive edge. Half glass and half chrome, Kinetic ceiling lamp is best suited for contemporary kitchens. The good thing with this light is that it can be used in both small and large kitchens without overwhelming the former. The deal breaker for this particular lamp is that it is adjustable to different heights. This gives you the chance to give your kitchen a new look over and over again.


Borax ceiling lamps


Borax pendant to hang above your kitchen island by Zuo modern

If you like to add some color in your kitchen and have no idea how to, borax ceiling lamps are the best solutions for you. These are colored pendant lamps encased in a colored glass that gives a unique mix of color to your kitchen. These lamps are not only eye catching due to their color but their design sets them apart from so many other colored glass lights. Hanging the lamps at different heights will give you a classy look. These lights are great when hosting a dinner party as they give a unique relaxing ambiance. 


Jazz pendants


Jazz pendant by Zaneen lighting for your kitchen island


Even the name hints at the elegance of these ceiling lamps that are specifically designed for a contemporary look. Jazz lamps are energy saving with a simplicity that takes your breath away. They are best when hung low over the Kitchen Island to give a cosy and welcoming glow that will have you chatting away with friends late into the night. The pendants are made from hand blown glass. This means the glass could have intricate details that will not take attention away from the overall design of the pendant.


Mai pendants


Mai Kitchen island pendant by Zaneen lighting Mai Kitchen pendant overview


This is one of the most amazing lamps I have ever come across. It suits in the group of oversized attention grabbing lamps that make a huge statement. Being energy saving and adjustable, this lamp is sure to give your kitchen effortless style. This design can fit into any size of kitchen. It is also available is different combinations of red/white, orange/white and white/white colors that are sure to add life to your kitchen island.


Mai pendant in a kitchen island display by Zaneen lighting


Continuity ceiling lamps


Continuity pendants or ceiling lamps are made from metal and rope. These are intertwined to make a beautiful naturalistic design that will tie together most kitchens designs. The pendants are energy saving and will help save money on power. Moreover, these bulbs are made from halogen which makes them environmental friendly. They are  also very cost effective as they cost less than $100.


Continuity pendant by zuo modern for kitchen applicationcontinuity kitchen island pendant by Zuo modern lighting


Pendant lights are a great way to not only revamp your kitchen with style but also provide the proper lighting when performing detailed kitchen work. However, to get the best results ensure that you get a pendant light that complements the design of your kitchen.

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