As a property owner you are aware of how important it is to have different components through your home that interest not only you and your family, but people that you have over for events as well.  Rather than relying on generic lamps that can be purchased from any big box store, it can be quite advantageous to find unique designer pieces that will easily become the focal point of a room.  The Kina hanging lamp designed by David Trubridge is undoubtedly a conversation starter for all individuals who lay eyes on it.  If you’re looking for the perfect component for any room, the Kina is most certainly the right fixture to add to your collection.


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Kina pendant installation creating stunning shadows


The Designer

David Trubridge is a revolutionary designer who has created an array of differnet furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and other interior decorating pieces that fit perfectly into modern homes.  If you are looking for the best way to add stylish appeal to your property, you will want to consider the unique pieces created by this popular New Zealand designer.  Another benefit associated with purchasing products from David Trubridge is that he understands how important it is to preserve the planet that we live on, therefore his products are eco-friendly.  An added bonus is that he creates one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces for customers.

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Photo of David Trubridge designer


David Trubridge Kina

The David Trubridge Kina pendant is incredibly popular amongst different types of home decorators.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a more sea-side feel or a completely modern and edgy appeal to your home, the benefits of the David Trubridge Kina are relatively endless.  Not only is the lamp stunning, but it is also constructed out of eco-friendly materials.  The vision for the lamp was derived from the beauty of a sea-urchin.  The designer once noticed a sea-urchin in sea ice in Antarctica and noticed that it looked like a sparkling jewel through the thin coating of frost.




Eco-Friendly Packaging

Rather than having to deal with large plastic boxes or packing materials that will not deteriorate over time, David Trubridge provides kitsets to help reduce freighting.  The kitset is flat, meaning that the lamp will arrive disassembled, but the assembly is simple for anyone to complete.  Within the kitset you will receive instructions on how to put the lamp together with a minimal amount of effort.  Considering that the shipping boxes are flat, David Trubridge is not only decreasing the carbon footprint that freight trucks bring to the environment, but it is also less waste that needs to be recycled.


Eco friendly packaging for the kina pendant by David Trubridge


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