Floor lamps are definitely one the most beautiful and intriguing additions to any home interior. There are many designs and shades you can choose from and normally this ranges from antique arc floor lamps to sleek and stylish contemporary glass base lamps. Normally antique floor lamps are arched shape and depict their affiliation and connection to the renaissance period. They have been in demand within home owners and interior artist circles due to their compliance with any prevalent home and interior décor. These lamps are simply mesmeric and awesome and their lighting functionality is simply as good as their décor character.

To integrate these floor lamps in your rooms, you should first see that what kind of use they will be in that vicinity. In smaller rooms, these lamps can be used as sole lighting utility so you have to make sure that the light emitted is eloquent enough to carry to every nook and corner of that room. You can also change the intensity of light by using high voltage bulbs but it is suggested to go with moderate energy saver lighting bulbs to save ever eroding world energy. (Fluorescent lamps or LED)

When buying an antique decorative floor erected lamp, you should also consider the height and other dimensions of the lamp. If you are looking to cast more light from the lamp then it is better to go for tiffany shades so that the light emission has a good reach. The heights of these lamps vary and floor lamps normally start at 2.5 feet. The largest one available is round about 6 feet tall. Taller floor lamps are more suited for your hall way décor and shorter ones can easily be integrated in any part of your drawing room, TV lounge or bedroom for decoration as well as lighting purposes.

When you are looking to go for an antique designed floor lamp, you must also see the colors on the lamp shade. This is necessary as contrasting colors of your lamps shades and your furnishings can really cast a not so beautiful or unique effect on your décor. Secondly, if you have toddlers or small children in your house then it is advisable to buy lamps with metallic or wooden base so that accidental tripping won't cause harm to your children or the lamp itself.

You also need to see if the light intensity control options are embedded in the lamp. Normally today all of these accent lighting ornaments come with dimmers to control the light throw of the lamps. You can always use these dimmers to fluctuate the light intensity according to your needs.


Modern floor lamp Stellar by Zuo modern lighting

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