And now for something completely different! A true merger between art and lighting. Californian artist Rowan Chase grew up in northern San Luis Obispo County where he had unlimited open space to explore the geography and coastline. No surprise most of his inspirational influence today still comes from those sources. In his artwork, there is a common intensity which he attributes to his relationship with this part of the world. Everything is smoothly blended by Rowan’s first love, surfing, which is the muse that breathes life into the seascapes he paints. Walk into his studio, and you’ll find him covered in paint, barefoot, listening to Joy Division, with a quiver of six boards in the corner.

His artworks, which is featured all over the world, ranges from fluid abstract to more structured sea and landscapes and virtually all of them will be composite with vivid colors and high contrast. Recently Rowan chose lighting as a new medium to express his visions, truly reflecting the luminous feeling that comes with the beautiful Californian coastline. The colors and contrasts bring joy and warmth to modern interiors. It breaks patterns and conventions, upgrading your home to something completely different. Every lamp is handmade by the artist himself in California to ensure only the highest quality artworks end up in your home.