Rowan Chase is definitely one of the most unique line of pendants and table lamps currently available on Lumigado. Combining his art and lighting has resulted into a colorful, fresh en renewing line of lamps. Plenty of reason to get to know the artist a little bit better and to understand where his inspiration is coming from. 


Rowan Chase -  Artist and Lamp designer

 Lumigado: In a few lines. Who is Rowan Chase?
Rowan Chase: I am a California native inspired to explore an array of interesting possibilities with my artwork. Born in northern California, raised in coastal central California surfing and the importance of my natural surroundings have influenced me greatly.  Opening my own gallery in 2000 I have worked as a professional artist since; creating sculptures, paintings, and now a fresh collection of lighting to enhance our living spaces.


Lumigado: What inspired your works?
Rowan Chase: I am inspired by conversation and the environment around me as well as a deep desire to create things. Sitting still is not something I do well.


Lumigado: How long have you been painting? When did you start making lights?
Rowan Chase: I have focused on primarily painting since about 2003, and ventured into my lighting line in 2010.  Originally I was looking to make a collection of much smaller lamps but like most things, I do it expanded into a much larger operation.


Lumigado: What made you use lights for your art?
Rowan Chase: When I create abstract paintings I feel a vivid source of light from within the painting.  It seemed when I was finished with the piece I really wanted to see that energy magnified, lighting it up was a basic way to go about it.  In the beginning, I wasn’t interested in using my landscape work for lamps but have flexed on that as the demand to see certain pieces made into lamps has increased. 

Lumigado: Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite? Which of your lamps?
Rowan Chase: Asking which piece of your artwork is your favorite is kind of like asking which kid is your favorite.  Most people will say something like, I like certain characteristics in each one so they are all my favorite. That’s pretty much how it is.  Most people will give the most attention to the new baby just as the new piece of artwork is usually highlighted but really we love them all the same.  My favorite lamp is pretty much that way too.  I am a relatively moody person so with my artwork it would have to be the piece that coordinates best with how I feel at the moment.  I will say burnt orange and a sort of institution green are my favorite colors.


Lumigado: there an artist you relate to?
Rowan Chase: I can’t really say that I relate to any artist in particular but I am very impressed by the mid-century art movement in general and feel most at home in the work created during that time. I had a discussion with someone some time back and their take was that the mid-century era produced artwork and furniture that was a true design movement and we haven’t seen anything of the sort since.  I had never really looked at it that way but that discussion really stuck with me and I have to say I agree.  There is a certain clarity I feel when interpreting my feelings generated from art and design of that time, I really enjoy that.

Lumigado: What would you call your style? 
Rowan Chase: I would call my style Contemporary with mid-century influences but I really hope to make artwork and objects with a sort of timeless quality.


Lumigado: Did you ever feel like giving up? 
Rowan Chase: Feel like giving up, Yep! I have way too much riding on me though.  I have a beautiful family that I would never let down in that way.  My basic theory is that failure is not an option.  Sometimes I get a little low and have to dig up the power to get through it, something great is always just through the next door.  I think I have become addicted to the challenge of being an artist and really thrive on the high produced when great things happen, sort of like getting a really great tube ride surfing.  There is a feeling that really can’t be described easily. I was once described by someone very close to me that I operate well in a crisis, so I guess this suits me well.

Lumigado: What's the best thing about being an artist? What's the worst thing? 
Rowan Chase: The best thing about being an artist is having the ability to create and seeing the response and reaction from what I have done.  That pretty much the worst thing too.


Lumigado: Is there a purpose to your artwork? 
Rowan Chase: A purpose to my artwork other than to make a living doing something I want to do would be to help people surround themselves with things they enjoy and find life-enhancing. 

Lumigado: How do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently? 
Rowan Chase: As an artist dealing directly with the public I have overcome many challenges.  There is a clear reason why artists would rather not sell their own work, it is brutal.  We have a bad way of rejecting people's personal creations to elevate our own image.  I like to give people the example that every song is someone's favorite song even if they don’t see its worth. The artwork is the same way, every piece of artwork is someone's favorite piece of artwork.  This particular question using the word differently hits that sort of vibe meaning that someone doesn’t like it or get it.  I have let people know more than once that if they don’t like the work and want to be vocal about it lets see what they can create and we can judge it too, I also have been known to let some know that the door is open, they can leave.  It's not usually the best way to make friends though.


Lumigado: What is new within your lighting collection? 
Rowan Chase: I am working on a series of table and floor lamps at the moment and hope to expand in this realm.  My most recent is “The 41 “ table lamp titled that because I made the prototype on my 41’ st birthday.  These lamps are made using solid black walnut, birch, and mahogany woods.


The 41 Table lamp - Across the Bay by Rowan Chase

Lumigado: What are you working on next? Anything new in lighting?
Rowan Chase: The future of my lamps will include a refined line of table and floor lamps along with the introduction of sconces at some point. I have considered expanding into the square, rectangle, and triangular shades as well.  I am excited to grow this division of my artwork. I like to see customers' excitement to find something new that they can use in their homes. 


Lumigado: Thank you for this open interview, Rowan. We are looking forward to see your new creations!


Rowan Chase: I appreciate this opportunity to be interviewed.  One of my favorite sayings is, ask questions and you will get answers.


You can learn more about Rowan Chase Artwork on his website: or on his Lumigado collection page

He owns and exhibits in his own gallery in California:

Fiona Bleu Gallery
900 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA 93442


Spooners Cove by Rowan chase

'Spooners Cove' by Rowan Chase

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