Lumigado specifically carries only a limited selection of products and brands. Before we include any new product, we screen our suppliers for the highest design, innovation and quality standards. Only the best in class will be included in our product line.



FontanaArte was created in 1932 and is one of the Italian design companies that made "the history of light" in Italy and in the world. Founded by an architect, the company has always retained a strong link with the world of design, collaborating with some of the best Italian and international architects and lighting designers. The result of this collaboration was the creation of a true cultural approach to design, an original "point of view" on architecture, lighting and furnishings.
A design culture which, being based on the prevalent use of noble materials (mainly glass), found its main inspiration in the interaction between technology and beauty, generating a series of timeless and beautiful objects, some of which have become design classics and are exhibited in some of the world's most important museums. These cult objects still find favour in the market and, in their own way, contribute to environmental protection because they are so beautiful that they don't quickly become obsolete.
Research and innovation are constant features of the FontanaArte company policy, in particular with regards to the use of recyclable materials with low environmental impact: from blown glass, industrial sheet glass, aluminium, iron and high quality plastics, to packaging materials, all fully recyclable and reduced to a minimum. We also use low energy light sources both for new generation products and those that have been in the catalogue for some time. These comply with the photometric, lighting engineering and environmental requirements established by the market and international standards.




The company Oluce was established by Giuseppe Ostuni in 1945 and is Italy’s oldest active lighting design company. Oluce celebrated its first big success in 1951 at the 9th Triennale with an indirect incandescent light object, which was designed by Franco Buzzi. Within a few years Oluce reached an international public through the magazine Domus. The Agnoli implicated a groundbreaking change. This spot light that is fixed on a slender stem marked on the one hand the decline of lampshades and on the other hand the rise of simply floor lamps.
Oluce mostly owes its pronounced revolutionary attitude the collaboration with Joe and Gianni Colombo. A new material, namely a specially pressed glass, inspired Joe Colombo to create for example the weatherproof outdoor-family “Fresnel”, which quickly enjoyed great popularity. In 1967 Colombo designed the product “Coupé” which is still exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1968 “Coupe” gained the “International Design Award” of the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago.
When the company was given over to the Verderi family, a new era began for Oluce. The great master of Italien design Vico Magistretti adopted the job of the art director and chief designer. Oluce benefited from Magistretti’s unmistakable style and his international reputation and continued its track record. At the beginning of the 90's the rigour of the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein dominated the Oluce’s design policy.
In 1995 Oluce lived through another transformation under the guidance of the new art director Marco Romanelli. Oluce focussed on including diverse personal idioms especially of nameable designers like Sebastian Bergne, Hans Peter Weidmann or Laudani & Romanelli in their product design. Oluce started the new millennium with new energy and new partnerships. Examples therefore are the products “Ibiza”, “Cand-led” and “Nerolia”. A considerable name in connection with Oluce is Oki Sato who is Japan’s most refined young designer and extended Oluce’s product range for example with the products “Sorane” and “Switch”.


David Trubridge is a visionary. Unlike most of us he can translate those visions into something functional. David’s wooden  lighting is a new world mix of old world skills and craftsmanship, sustainability of materials and purity combined with some high-tech genius.
All of David’s pieces are immediately evident as to their purpose, but within the seeming economy of material and fluid shapes resides their true functionality. David’s Coral and Floral Lamp series combines repeat patterned CNC cut plywood with a hint of Escher to produce a geometrically pleasing form, both pure in design and practical in purpose.



Linea Verdace is a decorativetechnical and architectural lighting design house based in Antwerp, Belgium a city known for it´s diamonds and clothing designers. Still family owned and currently one of the major players in Europe, Linea Verdace knows how to balance unique designs and quality engineering into a fair price.