Zaneen design logo

Zaneen’s Design Story
Founded by Robert Pietrobon in 1981, Zaneen is a second generation family owned and operated business. Zaneen emerged from a partnership with Robert Pietrobon’s Father in Law, the late Anthony Basso and his company Anthony Art Designs. The families Italian nationality plays a strong role in the company’s business model; offering exclusively European lighting products to the North American Market. In addition to partnering with European brands of high quality, innovative designs, and value-added individuals.
Over the years, Zaneen has expanded to the demands of the market and offers three divisions of lighting: Architectural, Design and Exterior. Uniquely, the company brings an important element to the supply chain: Zaneen performs final assembly, electrification, and luminaire customization, as well as product testing and certification through their in-house CSA/UL approved Laboratory.

Zaneen’s breadth of Products
The extent of Zaneen’s Design division begins with long-standing fixtures made from hand-blown glass, to new product offerings that include silk and wood materials. Many of their product families allow for a single fixture to be used in different applications: surface, suspended, and floor. To coincide with complete series, we have a few partners that offer flexible and custom designs to fit perfectly in a space. The primary style of the Design division is contemporary, with additive looks of Scandinavian, Mid-Century modern designs.

Zaneen’s Mark in the Industry
Zaneen Design has worked on many high profile, large scale projects that include Kleinfield Bridal, Paramount Foods and Disneyworld.