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SLAMP! believes light is an essential element of human life: one comes to light, one highlights and one brings light. Light reveals and unveils, it determiners the mood and beats the rhythm of existence. It is an immaterial presence that painters, filmmakers and photographers have been able to capture and transform into works of art.

SLAMP! decomposes light. They analyze its lumens, CRI and wattage, but as heirs of an all Italian culture and passion, they choose to go further by measuring also its ability to generate emotions, reproduce stage effects, recall brilliance and outstanding natural beauty. With light, they give depth to reality generating a relation between project, function, aesthetics and innovation.

The company was founded in Italy in 1994 by Roberto Ziliani, with the aim to create something new in the Italian design arena: a business that could offer high quality lamps, where an artisan’s eye to detail would meet the excellence of industrial production. Products made with patented and innovative materials, that were going to be unique and immediately recognizable. After Roberto was able to gather around him some of the greatest international designers, such as Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro, Munari, the “Slamp Tube” was born in its many graphical versions.

Since then SLAMP’s growth has never stopped, so much that today it is one of the most representative brand-names in the field of decorative designer lighting; an actual point of reference for anyone wishing to possess a much sought-after, original, exclusive object, yet within everyone’s reach. The success of SLAMP! is all in its DNA, which consists of curiosity for new materials and experimentation and trust in one’s instinct but always through futuristic engineering solutions. A perfect marriage between inspiration from the great masters and visionary force, great passion and undeniable skills, that guides young designers of the Slamp Creative Team beyond the limits of the already seen.

Because what matters to SLAMP! is to overcome itself. Always.