Lightexture is a collaboration between an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist, creating unique designer lamps.

Lightexture was established in 2008 by Yael Erel and Avner Ben Natan. The starting point was an accidental collaboration that lead to the discovery of an adjustable aperture mechanism that can sculpt and shape light. As it is adjusted, the iris-like light fixture dramatically changes the environment of a space through the volume of direct light it emits, as well as the complex light textures it projects onto space.

Later that year, ceramic artist Sharan Elran joined lightexture and expanded the pallet and vocabulary of materials into clay and porcelain. Together the three designers have been collaborating to create a robust collection of fixtures that are both playful and sensual. Each of the partner designers brings in a different set of skills and sensibilities to the stage, which makes the lights a conversation through work. Learn more in the following movie.