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Josh Urso approaches furniture and lamp making from a scientific point of view. Focusing on the interaction of materials with the laws of nature, Urso creates pieces of furniture that exhibit scientific principles and properties: resin that changes from solid to liquid in an exothermic reaction or rope that has a tensile strength that is strong enough to lift a car. There is a connection between the kind of wonder people experience with natural phenomenon and the reaction of people to Josh Urso's work. By utilizing the unique properties of materials, Urso creates an unforgettable experience in reason and tactility.

All Josh Urso Design pieces are Made in the USA

Josh urso design was founded in 2002. fresh out of school and convinced he could never effectively work for someone else, Josh began designing furniture on his own. Using his engineering and design background, he experimented with materials more familiar to other industries and began building a product line. Resin, metal, plastics, foam, and even a chainsaw were his inspiration. Soon josh was showing regularly at furniture and fine craft fairs and in galleries.

By 2005, Josh's line had developed to include several popular pieces including the specter chair and the puff light. Kim bricker joined the business to assist in the growth. together the scope of their work grew and custom projects for commercial spaces became more prevalent. In addition to contract work, they maintained a tight selection of catalog pieces.

Today, Josh urso design continues to focus on the design and handmade production of uniquely modern furniture and lighting. while creativity and a sense of fun and whimsy are still top priorities, future designs will also address the growing demand for affordable options for the newest generation of designophiles. The next chapter for Josh urso design includes flat pack furniture in response to the ever rising cost of fuel and shipping, and sheet metal designs utilizing local fabrication.